Standard Sink – Essential Sink Kit – Steel Leg


Cashel has a full line of utility sinks to meet any budget.

The Standard Sink provides the entry level choice in free standing laundry tubs.  This utility sink is a quick, easy upgrade for your home remodeling projects.  The Standard Sink makes a great addition to your laundry or utility rooms.  This utility tub easily fits in garages, greenhouses, pantries, and studios, too.  The Standard Sink helps you conquer all jobs, large or small.

Why the Standard Sink:

Because the Standard Sink is made of sturdy polypropylene it is stain and rust resistant.  19 gallons is the maximum capacity of the durable basin.  In addition, built-in self-draining soap dishes, make the Standard Sink the easy choice for your home or business.

What comes with it:

The Essential Sink Kit contains the tub, heavy gauge steel legs, leg levelers, and installation instructions.  The kit also includes a drain stopper and strainer.  Plus, connecting nut and washer are additions to link to your existing plumbing.  Upgrade to a Fully Loaded Sink Kit to get a chrome faucet, down plumbing, and supply lines, too!

Essential Sink Kit
Model #: 1950-20-11
Type: Free-Standing Sink
Dimensions: 22 3/4" x 25 1/2" x 32"
Capacity: 19 gallons
Sink Color: White
Also Included: Sink; Legs - Plastic; Leg Levelers (4) - 4 bolts and 8 nuts ea (UHK); Slip Joint / Nut (UHK); Washer (UHK); Rubber Stopper (UHK); Drain Strainer (UHK); Installation Instructions

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