Drop-In Sink – Essential Sink Kit

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Cabinet or Countertop, the Drop-In Sink fits where you need it.

The Drop-In Sink fits in tight spaces.  This tub quickly mounts to your countertop or cabinet.  The Drop-In Sink stands up to hard work but is easy to install.  This sink will doubtless become vital in every workspace.

Why the Drop-In Sink:

Made of tough ABS plastic the Drop-In Sink is also self-rimming.  Cashel’s Drop-In Sink is of 14.5-gallon capacity and is also lightweight.  An integrated washboard, soap dish, and draining workspace make the Drop-In indispensable in your home.  Because of it’s construction is resists rust and stains.

What comes with it:

The Essential Sink Kit comes with the 14.5-gallon tub, mounting assemblies, and installation instructions.

Upgrade to a Fully Loaded Sink Kit to get a chrome pull-out faucet, and supply lines, too!

Essential Sink Kit
Model #: 1970-20-01
Type: Drop-In Sink
Dimensions: 25” x 22” x 14 1/2”
Capacity: 14.5 gallons
Sink Color: White
Also Included: Sink; Plastic Nut (3); Plastic Mounting Bar (3); Platic Insert Screw (3); Installation Instructions

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