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cashell-1-merchandcartons2Are you ready to put game-changing utility sink in your retail store? Are you a home builder or contractor looking for a top-quality laundry tub for your job? Designing a development?
Cashel is ready to get you the sink that is right for your customer. Our sinks are available in retail ready 4- and 6-packs or come bulk shipped 56 at a time! Drop ship to your retail location, warehouse, construction site, or residential remodel address. Remember, these are sturdy, durable high-impact polypropylene sinks and tubs that are easy to install, easy on the eyes, and will last and last. All of our sinks come as Essential Kits for customization, or upgrade to our Fully-Loaded Kits for a complete, easy to assemble, and ready to install best in class tub for any Laundry Room, Utility Room, Garage, Greenhouse, Pantry, or Studio.